Cutting food waste in our own homes can have a positive impact on both climate change and world hunger

Some of the produce I have on hand: squash from last year’s harvest and a sweet potato that both need to be eaten soon, some greens and carrots from this week’s farmer’s market, and beans and peppers from the store.

Cold and mushy Brussels sprouts — previously frozen, then heated, then cold again — were the worst, but they weren’t the only bits of food I pushed around my plate in my youth that I had to finally gag down before I could leave the table.

“Don’t you realize there are starving kids in Africa?” my parents would chastise.

My unrepentant thinking at the time went something along the lines of Then why don’t we pack it up and send it to them? I would gladly share this food with starving people.

It is estimated that we waste approximately 50%…

Chapter 15

July 25, 1991, Thursday, 2 PM

Now I’m really behind. Hoping to get caught up before Taylor’s operation tomorrow. We’ll see how far I get before he wakes from his nap.

Today is Chuck and Janice’s 33rd anniversary, three years since Bruce asked me to marry him, and a year since we bought the van. I am continually amazed at the increasing speed at which time goes by. Now, to recap the past couple of weeks that disappeared into thin air.

Let’s see, I left off on the 7th. On Monday the 8th, Taylor and I went into Aberdeen and…

Chapter 14

Learning how (not) to use a spoon!

June 18, 1991, Tuesday, 7:45 PM

Catching up on a little journaling while Bruce cooking and Taylor here in the bath.

Taylor took his first step last Monday, June 10! I was making the bed and turned around, and he was just standing there all by himself. He stood there for several seconds and then lurched forward. One step! We were both so excited! Then on Thursday, he took two steps while we were all on the floor playing. He’s so close to walking!

I had to work in Oly last Wednesday and Thursday to cover for Lisa’s vacation, so…

Chapter 13

June 2, 1991, Sunday, 1:40 PM

Hello again. Sorry I’ve been away so long. So much to do and so little time. The other day I was sitting on the couch looking at the clock. I sat there and watched several seconds tick by and then several minutes, thinking about time. What a concept, and why do we have to be so ruled by it?

June 3, 1991, Monday, 1:15 PM

Happy 14 month birthday, Taylor! What a boy you are! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

This is such a wonderful age. Taylor is discovering so many things…

Chapter 11

April 1, 1991, Monday, 8 PM

Sitting in the bathroom watching Taylor play in the tub. Almost a whole year old! Unbelievable!! I suppose I’m going to reminisce forever now.

I finally finished the dresser on Friday. Taylor played in his playpen while I finished up, and then he watched his favorite Baby Songs video while I got the bedroom put back together. He’s growing up so fast and, at the moment, is drinking bathwater out of his favorite green bath toy.

His second bottom tooth started coming in on the 22nd and finally came all the way through last…

Chapter 10

Diets, Arguments, Growing Things, and Taylor’s 11th Month!

March 6, 1991, Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Bruce is cooking dinner. Peking Stir Fry. We started a new diet on Monday: Carnation breakfast drink for breakfast and lunch and then a “sensible” dinner. I’ve never been into dieting and have never tried anything like this before, but we want to lose some weight. Makes dinner more interesting, if nothing else!

Now to catch up on last week. Thursday, we all went to Oly. After taking the sample newsletter I’d been working on in to be printed (excited about that!) and going over some things with Lisa and Connie, we went to…

Chapter 9

Chuck and Bruce, February 1959

February 1, 1991, Friday, 5:29 PM

The 26th was Bruce’s birthday. 32, woohoo! We are a little strapped for cash, so I got him a wallet, of all things. You know, for all of our money :). He did go golfing, and I baked him a cake and also got him 32 lotto tickets. It was six million on his birthday. For sure we’d win, right? But no such luck, just one free ticket.

As I'm transcribing here, it's Bruce's 62nd birthday. Maybe I'll buy him 62 lotto tickets! Personally, I've never been much into playing the lotto. But Bruce…

Chapter 8

Taylor (and the orange rocker that will be written about in the future!)

January 8, 1991, Tuesday, 7:40 PM

I just got done talking to Julie. Dave left for Saudi Arabia this morning. I feel terrible for her and don’t really know what to say. It doesn’t seem real. I hope everything works out ok.

January 10, 1991, Thursday, 9:28 PM

Wow. I’ve only let two days go by before journaling instead of 14.

Let’s see. Yesterday I worked on the computer program all day. Taylor has been doing really well at entertaining himself when I work when he’s awake and lets me know when he’s had enough. Last night we went to…

Chapter 7

November 3, 1990, 10:40 PM

Taylor is seven months old today! So hard to believe. Pretty soon, he’ll be seven years, then 17, and so on.

He is right on the verge of crawling. He scoots backward and forward and gets up on his hands and knees for a few seconds before falling on his face. He can also sit up now for a little bit before falling over. I like to let him sit on the floor between my legs while he plays and I work on my cross-stitch. He is so very curious and interested in his surroundings…

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